Hey there Sky Kingdoms Community!

First of all, I would like to say that we broke the record of players online (again!). The number reached was 561 players online!

Second thing I would like to say is that we are about to open Factions today!

Factions are a game where no player is safe because everyone griefs each other.
It will include several options such as Custom Enchants, Koths, Auctions, Spawner Upgrades, Battle Mobs, Envoys,...
Rank wise, you will soon be able to find what extra permissions do ranks get on Webstore.

Last thing I would like to talk about today is the results of the Giveaway.
There was amazing 286 people who joined the giveaway!
The winners should write a private message to me (aag4) on Enjin to claim the rewards! Or write a comment under this post with their contact.

- 75€ Coupon Code --> Deathnight112
- 50€ Coupon Code --> PeterJosic
- 35€ Coupon Code --> _Toner_
- 20€ Coupon Code --> charmaine96
- 10€ Coupon Code --> irenebjh309

Congrats to all the winners!

DeathNight112 Also i am lorddug on discord
DeathNight112 Thanks to the staff of Sky Kingdoms and Thanks to all the players of Sky Kingdoms
Jason GOD Congrats To All Winners