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Hello Sky Kingdoms Community!
I don't have much to say today. Two things only, new game called "Sky Kingdoms" and new tags.

Lets start off with new tags since there's not much to say about them.
You people, were leaving suggestions on what tags to add, so we added what you requested.
For those who don't know yet, you can find tags by doing /tags and purchase them on /store under "Ranks" section, at "Global Tags (Suffixes)".
Here's the list of new ones:
- Matrix
- ThePugFather
- ProMiner
- Unicorn
- Jelly
- King
- Rare
- WhoopsieDaisy
- PugOff
- NoLife
- ProAFK
- Pug
- Scrub
- Dab
- Get Raided
- Grinder
- Born to Lead
- Da wae
- Money man
- Quickdrop
- Machine

Second thing I wanted to say today is the new game called "Sky Kingdoms" based on plugin Kingdoms.
Kingdoms is a team game, quite similar to Factions, meaning raiding is a thing.
The first question I got to answer is, why is the game called Sky Kingdoms?
The answer is pretty simple, the map is made off large floating islands!
Other thing I have to answer is, what is new, what is different from previous Kingdoms game?
Well, I believe the most important thing to mention here is, that Kingdoms plugin should be working better as it was before, meaning less bugs. Other things that changed is, adding Donator Crate at spawn (a crate for all donators, more info about it can be found at /spawn in the game itself - Picture 1), we added Custom Enchants (/ce). Besides those main things, we've fixed several smaller bugs which are not worth mentioning.
Kingdoms Spawn, Islands preview

The last thing I'd like to say, thank you for supporting Sky Kingdoms, we've broken the record again with (742 players - i managed to get the 720 players picture since I wasn't at home)

Thats all I got to say for now! We'll keep you updated, now enjoy playing at Sky Kingdoms <3

BlackRavenoid aag4 can i be in the whitelist iwant to play your server
HomiePotato im new here and i have liked this server
MasterB311 First of all i wanna say that i like the new skyblock minions alot , but hope that the new minions come out soon . Secon...

Hello Sky Kingdoms Community!
I got a few things to announce today. Most of them were already noticed by you players, but still I find it right to announce them.

Starting with new games on Sky Kingdoms! Murder Mystery and Winter Factions (Season 2).
You can now play Murder Mystery Minigame, I don't have much things to say this game, since most of you already know it. Its a game where Murderer has to kill everyone to win the game, or Detective to find the Murderer and kill him to win the game. There actually is one more thing to say about Murder Mystery and Bedwars. As you most likely already noticed, we added leaderboards on those 2 games. Picture 1  Picture 2

Other game we changed is 2nd Season of Factions, named Winter Factions. In this Season you will find several changes, such as:
- New type of Custom Enchants
- More KOTHs
- Fixed /wild
- Changed way of flying (Only God and higher ranked people can fly, but only in their own faction land or allied faction land)
- F top was improved
- Improving F top rewards lead to F top rewards (1st 200$ Paypal, 2nd 200$ Buycraft Coupon, 3rd 100$ Buycraft Coupon)

Second thing is, announcing winners of Winter Build Contest 2017.
1st place: irenebjh309 Picture 1 Picture 2
2nd place: URAMESHI1972 Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5
3rd place: xQueenUnicornx & jje53 Picture 1
Winners should contact me on Discord: aag4#5693 to pick up the rewards.

Another thing I would like to talk about is Sky Kingdoms Youtube channel.
Since I know there is some of you who were watching it, I decided to tell what are the plans for the future of the channel.
1. My brother is planning to live stream (playing CSGO and maybe other games)
2. I was thinking of making some Q&As (If I'll decide to make those, I'll let you know about it on Discord announcements channel)
3. I currently can't live stream since I got some problems with my PC, meaning live streams will have some break right now.

And the very last thing I would like to talk about today is future plans for Sky Kingdoms.
As I said about a month ago, we're planning a non-slimefun Survival and Skyblock server, both of those 2 games are being worked on. Reason why those 2 are not opened yet is probably obvious (we opened Winter Factions - had to start a new season, we opened Murder Mystery).
Another thing you can expect besides those 2 games is new game called "Sky Kingdoms", which will be a slight rework of Kingdoms game, you can also expect more Minigames.

Thats all I have to say for now, if you got any bugs to report, suggestions to leave or anything else, let me know in the comments (or anywhere else, you can get in contact with me) ^-^

ZNG_Anonymous Why Is Ph Cant Connect to Your Server.? Pls Let us Connect We Love your Server!!
Danny1 will there be another build contest?
Danny1 nice (i think u should make fly in factions elite+)