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Hi there Sky Kingdoms Community!

I've heard that there are some rumors about "Survival reset", so I decided to write a little "pre-update log".
It will be fast and easy:
- There will be 2 Survival servers:
     - Slimefun Survival (current one, just renamed)
     - Survival 1.12.2 (new one that we're planning)
- There will be 2 Skyblock servers:
     - Slimefun Skyblock (current one, just renamed)
     - Skyblock 1.12.2 (new one that we're planning)
After we open these 2 games we only have some plans that are not 100% sure, since there's a lot of things we are planning to do, so I can't really say what our "future future" plans will be, so please do not ask about them (questions about it will get ignored).

Now About the Youtube Giveaway results, short and clean:
1. God rank: SHARKII
2. Demigod rank: BukoRL
3. Legend rank: ItzLuunkie
4. Elite rank: SuperHuskygamer
5. Hero rank: randomdejan312
Winners should contact me either on Discord: aag4#5693 or Skype: alkog98 to claim their rewards.
Next giveaway will be here soon, so stay updated.

And the last thing for today, the Halloween Building contest winners:
1st place: ItzMeSkinlez (build from Survival):

2nd place: Whoopz (build from Survival):

3rd place: OmniMachine (build from Survival):

Congrats to the Halloween Build contest winners as well! Same as Giveaway winners, they should contact me on Discord: aag4#5693 or Skype: alkog98 to claim their rewards.
And a short spoiler for future: #WinterIsComing :P

URAMESHI1972 HELPERGOD Congrats Skinlez, Whoopz and Kregoles! nice nice build!
louise_charles congrats to all of the winners :) nice builds xD
Jason TITAN GG to all the winner and everyone who tried!

Hey there Sky Kingdoms Community!

Since Halloween is getting closer everyday, I decided to make a Halloween themed Building Contest!

The Top 3 builds will be rewarded with Buycraft Coupons:
- 1st place: 50 EUR
- 2nd place: 35 EUR
- 3rd place: 20 EUR

To participate in the contest you simply have to make a screenshot with the Halloween build that you have made and you on it. The build has to be built on Sky Kingdoms, not on single player on any other server!
We will make a special room on Discord named "Halloween-Contest" in which we will post finished builds together with name of builder. To get your screenshots to that room, simply private message Skype: alkog98 or Discord: aag4#5693. If we find out that you used any type of mods to build the build, you will be disqualified.

Contest winners will be announced on 1st of November (no exact hour) here on Website and the link to the thread will be posted on Facebook and Discord so you will get notified once the event ends.

Together with the contest I am also announcing the "Halloween Sale", which will appear on our Store on 1st of October and will end on 1st of November.
And the Halloween Crate Keys for Survival with their Community Goal

JimmyBoyy Will you be doing more of these kind of contest, for like Christmass or something
xQueenUnicornx HELPERINFINITY Quick question! Does it have to be 3D? and if so can I have a little pixel art thing off to the side?
Chez cool