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Started by aag4



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15 Aug 2023
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07 Nov 2023

Hey there everyone!
I've got accused of being "a dumb shit" today (original date of this post is 15th of August 2017), "a 20 yo person who still plays minecraft" and realised I forgot to introduce myself. So here I am now, starting with a quick and derpy introduction.

I am a 25 years old guy. I come from and live in Slovenia. My neighbour introduced the game called Minecraft to me when I was 14. We played a server together (it was a Factions server with pretty nice community). After some time this server closed, so we decided to make our own. We started learning about "How to make a Minecraft server" and here it was 2 months after we started, we made our first server. It wasn't much, it was just a Factions server for some friends, but it was a start. I never thought I could get anywhere further with this server thingy until someone came online on my server and asked me "Why is it lagging?". My answer was, its home hosted, on my laptop. The guy asked me "What can you do with 50€?". And thats how it started, I explained to him, what can I do with 50€. He brought 50€ as a 1st donation for the server and we got a host. Within next 3 months server started growing (got up to 15 players and enough cash to expand the server). Due growth I decided to make a network (Infinity Network), together with our youtuber urhii (he had around 75 subs back in these days, now he has about 6.5k). The network grew to solid 40-50 players in only a month or two. Then things started getting complicated, because we were "too good" for some other servers in Slovenia (I'll go over this because there's way to many things that happened during this time, so I'll just jump to "How did Sky Network open"). Basically, it was last year after I came from Spain. The Owners of "other server from Slovenia" accused me of robbery. After a long talk I proved that I did nothing wrong, but this lead me (one of the reasons) to leave them and make my own server. Thats how I created Sky Network together with Mac (There's another story behind me and Mac creating Sky Network, he knows it and some other people do know it as well, might tell it someday). Sky Network was slowly growing, month by month (you can find the statistics on Minecraft-MP) until we reached what we reached a few days ago (561 players online) which is madness if you ask me! But great at the same time.

Enough of talking about my "Virtual story". Lets go to me as "ME". You know my age, you know which country I come from, but you don't know what I do in free time "besides "playing" Minecraft, and spending my life as a geek" as some say it... Everyday I try to do sports, either cycling, running or playing football. I also can't imagine my "everyday" without music. I love different types of Electronic music, from EDM, to Tropical and Deep House, to Techno... (yes, I'm a music addict, a raver). I tried many things as a hobby in my life (specially sports related things), from Tennis, Karate, Break Dance and probably something else which I don't remember right now. I quit all of them (yes, I'm also a lazy person).

Welp, thats all for now, I can't think of anything else at the moment so I'm just posting this as it is :'D

If you've read this, you can say you "know at least something about aag4" :p
Because most people say they know me, but they have no idea who and what I am, but still they know me! And usually even know me better than I know myself! O_O

Now I'm really done with writing :'D Hope you had fun reading this.

aag4 · 2 months ago · Last edited: 2 months ago