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Youtuber Applications Format
Started by SkyKingdoms

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04 May 2023
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10 Sep 2023

Requirements for all 3 ranks:

- You must use Discord to communicate with staff team.

- Video must be some quality content, otherwise it won't be considered as a "video of the server"

- Video must be at least 3 minutes long.


Requirements for YouTuber:

- Must have at least 250 subscribers and get 75+ views per video.

- YouTubers must be able to post 1 video a week on Sky Kingdoms.


Requirements for YouTuber+:

- Must have at least 1000 subscribers and get 250+ views per video.

- YouTubers+ must be able to post 1 video every 2 weeks on Sky Kingdoms.


Requirements for YouTuber++:

- Must have at least 5000 subscribers and get 1000+ views per video.

- YouTubers++ must be able to post 1 video a month on Sky Kingdoms.


Youtuber has same perms as Donator rank
Youtuber+ has same perms as Demigod rank
Youtuber++ has same perms as Infinity rank

Before applying you must have your videos public, if you channel has a lot of subscribers but no videos or the common ratio views and subscribers is off, you will be denied. Also if most of your content isn't based around minecraft you may also be deneid. If you meet these requirements and wish to join, post a new topic in this forum section using the following format:

- your username
- your discord
- link to your channel

SkyKingdoms · 7 months ago · Last edited: 7 months ago