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1.a — Who is the Owner of Sky Kingdoms?

- The Owner and manager of Sky Kingdoms is aag4, and his Discord tag is @aag4.

1.b — What timezone is he?

- The Owner resides in the GMT+2 / UTC +2 / CEST timezone.

1.c — What languages does he speak?

The Owner normally communicates in English, however, he also speaks Slovenian. 

1.d — Who are the Staff Members / who is considered a Staff member?

- An organized list of Staff Members can be viewed at the Staff forum section.

Staff Members are distinguishable in-game, on Forum and on Discord by their respective prefixes going in order:

- Owner, Admin, Moderator, Helper, Builder, Youtuber

1.e — How do I receive help or step in contact with the Owner or Staff Members?

- Our main way of communication is via Discord. You may also post a question or anything Server related on the Forum, where you would receive a response as soon as possible.


2.a — How does voting work?

- Voting will earn you in-game rewards of various sorts, such as Vote Keys, Player Points, free temporary /fly, etc. 

Vote rewards are received in the gamemode you’re online while voting. E.g., if you vote while you are online in Skypvp, you receive rewards in Skypvp only. 

Player Points rewards are an exception from above, and are received in /hub.

You can view the Vote Links by using /vote in-game, or from the Vote section on Forum.

2.b — How can I apply for Staff / Builder / Youtuber?

- If you wish to apply for Staff, you may do so only when Staff Applications are open here.

- If you wish to apply for Builder, you may do so by filling out the format here.

- If you wish to apply for Youtuber, you may do so by filling out the format here.

2.c — How can I appeal a ban / How do I get unbanned?

- You may request a ban removal by appealing against it. 

Appealing is done by filling out the format here.

Appeals are reviewed as soon as possible by Moderators and Admins.

Please do keep in mind that certain bans, such as bans due to advertising, ban / mute evading are in normal circumstances unappealable due to the nature of them.

2.d — I purchased something from the Webstore and did not receive the items. What do I do?

- The Webstore works fine. What you may have missed in the Store section is the part clarifying how purchased items are received:

- Universal / cross-server items, such as Ranks, Rank Upgrades and Tags are received in /hub.

- Gamemode-specific items, such as Keys, Claimblocks, Limited Edition items etc., are received in the gamemode itself. E.g., if you buy Skypvp Keys, you have to wait for them in /skypvp.

If however, the order does not go through for more than 30 minutes, please contact the Owner, @aag4, via Discord, or post a thread under the Support (Owner Assistance) here.

2.e — I cannot purchase a Rank Upgrade. What do I do?

- If you want to upgrade from a specific rank, e.g., God and you wish to upgrade to Titan, but you instead receive a “You’re not allowed to purchase this item.” message, it means the store does not recognize you as God-ranked. This issue is fixable by messaging the Owner, @aag4, on Discord.

2.f — I have obtained a rank book. How do I claim / redeem it?

- To claim / redeem rank books, you must message ONE of the following staff members on discord: @javara, @mschelsea, @ilikekitties, @aag4 with:

Your in-game name.

Gamemode where the rank book is.

If you successfully do the above, make sure you are online and have the rank book in one of your inventories, preferably your Ender Chest.

2.g — I voted but I did not receive any Vote Keys in my inventory. What do I do?

- All Keys are virtual, meaning they go under your name, and not in your inventory. Just go at the specific crate and right-click it to use a Key.

2.h — How do I sync my in-game rank on the Forum?

- To sync your rank on Forum, you must link your discord account on your forums profile.

2.i — How do I change my password?

- To change your password, you need to go to /hub and use /changepassword <oldpassword> <newpassword>.</newpassword></oldpassword>

2.j — What do I do if I forgot my password?

- If you forgot your password, you must message @aag4, the Owner, via Discord in order to reset your password.

2.k — How do I join the Discord Server?

- You can join the Discord server via the link provided when you use /discord in-game, or by clicking here.

2.l — How do I report someone?

- You can report someone via Discord, using the #reports channel, or by posting a thread under the Ban Reports section here.

2.m — Where can I see the Server punishments?

- The server punishments are listed here.

2.n — Where can I read the rules?

- You can find the rules by following the link that is given to you by using /rules in-game, or simply heading over to them by clicking here.

2.o — Where can I see which mods are allowed and disallowed?

- The list of our approved and unapproved mods is here. Any mod not listed here is considered a use-at-your-own-risk mod.

2.p — How can I pay someone PlayerPoints / PP?

- You can give PlayerPoints to a person by using: 

/p pay <theirusername> <amount>.</amount></theirusername>

Make sure both of you are online at the time, on the same gamemode!

2.q — How can I get a nick?

- Nick is simple. But you need a VIP or higher rank to have access to /nick. The command is used as /nick . Color codes are supported. You can also use a website for color codes linked here.

2.r — What is the Server IP and what are the Server proxies?

- IP:

Main proxies: – EU Proxy – US Proxy

2.s — When I try to join the server it says I’m banned, but Bans site shows no ban under my name. What do I do?

- In this case, it means you are trying to connect through a banned IP. The most common way to fix this is by restarting your router / modem to have a chance of getting a new IP, or by turning off any VPN you may have running. If that does not work, all you can do is wait until your provider renews your IP. 

2.t — How can I transfer my data from a cracked account to a premium one?

- To do a cracked-2-premium transfer, you must DM @aag4, the Owner. 

2.u — How can I select a tag after I purchased or won one?

- To select a tag, use /tags or /tag, find the specific tag and click on it.

2.v — How can I use a Buycraft coupon?

- A Buycraft coupon is simple. All you have to do if you have one is put the desired item / items at Store in cart, proceed to Checkout and then enter the coupon under the “Redeem coupons / gift cards” section.

2.w — How do I disable my scoreboard?

- To disable your scoreboard simply use /tm sb toggle. Use the same command to enable it back.

2.x — How do I get free ranks?

/rankup offers the first three ranks, VIP, Donator and Hero for specific prices in PP. You can get PP by voting and use them to rank up.

Higher ranks, up to Titan, can also be bought for free. You just need a bit more of money, PP and whatnot. There are almost always players selling rank books in each gamemode.

VIP, Donator and Hero rank books exist too. This means that you could even get these three ranks for a lower than /rankup’s price, if players are selling that way.

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