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List of approved and unapproved mods

Consider the following

1. This list can change at any given time, with or without notice. Not staying up-to-date with this list is not an excuse for possibly violating it.

2. Any modification / mod that isn't listed here is a use-at-your-own-risk mod. If a mod isn't listed, it's better to ask the Staff Team for more information regarding it than using it on your own. As such, suggestions on adding other unlisted mods are welcome.

3. Modified clients such as Labymod Client, Lunar Client, Badlion Client & Salwyrr Client are allowed as listed below, however, they may contain specific mods that fall in the disallowed modifications. Make sure to have them disabled.

4. Please keep in mind that most allowed mods listed below have multiple varieties and / or multiple sources. As such, various versions out there can provide an unfair advantage over other players, making them disallowed. Please be wary of where you get a mod from.

Allowed modifications:

The mods listed below are modifications that are allowed globally throughout the Sky Kingdoms Network, unless stated otherwise:

5Zig   Account Managers   Purely cosmetic Mod(s)
Armor HUD   Badlion Client    Batty Coordinate
Better HUDs   Better Hats   BetterFPS
(Fair-play version)
  CPS Counter Mod(s)   ChromaHUD
Crosshair Mod(s)   DirectionHUD   FastChat
Fullbright   Feather Client   Inventory Tweaks
Item Physics   Just Enough Items   Keystrokes Mod(s)
Labymod Client   Lunar Client   Mo' Bends
MouseDelayFix   Old Animations   OptiFine
Patcher   Player animations   Replay Mod
(Except in Factions)
Salwyrr Client   Shaders   Sidebar Mod(s)
TabbyChat   Time Changer    Toggle Sneak/Sprint
Too Many Items   Vanilla Enchants   Waila

Disallowed modifications:

The mods listed below are modifications that are not allowed globally throughout the Sky Kingdoms Network, unless stated otherwise:

All/Auto Sprint Mod(s)
(Sprint-in-all-directions Mods)
  Any hacked clients   Damage / HP Indicator Mod(s)
Litematica   Macros
(Autoclickers, Scripts, etc.)
  Minimap Mod(s)
(Allowed in Survival and Skyblock)
Saturation Mod(s)   Schematica   Unfair Sneak Mod(s)
(E.g., keep sneaking after you open a chest)
Waypoint Mod(s)   World Downloader Mod(s)   X-Ray Mod(s) / X-Ray Texture Pack(s)

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