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I'm making this introduction because aag4 kept bugging me about it cause people don't know me, so here I am making my introduction forum post. All you need to know is that I'm just your ordinary blob obsessed internet person.

Jokes aside, my name is Alen and I come from Slovenia also I'm 16 years old. A friend introduced me to Minecraft when I was like 8 or 9 years old, played a bit of Minecraft then got curious about what this is, what am I playing? What is this thing called a Minecraft server? I still remember searching up how to make a Minecraft server and it lead me to the very popular host back then called Server pro O-o I found out how to create a Minecraft server, created it, added a bunch of free plugins from the "Plugins" section and renewed my server every hour for it to keep running, I believe it was 1 hour, I don't really remember. And that's how my first ever server was created called SuperCraft, posted it on Minecraft-MP managed to build up a community of about 12 players, it wasn't anything special and the server would be offline when I was sleeping. Fast-forward a couple months I figured out what a CPU was and asked my mom if she could buy me a paysafecard code for 25e for something online. I didn't tell her at the time what it was, guess what, it's for a McProHosting plan for my Minecraft server! I paid for a Minecraft server, and was proud of it. That lasted about a month, because as a 9 year old I didn't really have the money to spend on a Minecraft server every month. Around that time when that server closed I started playing on a server called KingdomMines, loved the server and everything but then it suddenly collabed with a server called Sky Network, that was aag4's server and it became Sky Kingdoms. I didn't like the change so I quit and continued with my Minecraft server development path, and I stumbled upon a guy whom I won't name that sold me the KingdomMines backups for 25e, I then opened a Minecraft server called KingdomMines on my home computer that could barely handle 1 player on a platform called ngrok that allowed me to open the server to the public. That also didn't last long as sure, it was cool but it was also cringe for me to open some fake KingdomMines server (aag4 also made fun of it on a Facebook group chat about cringe community stuff). That's also around the time I met aag4 and of course he mocked me, I was just a kid trying to be better than anyone else and nobody bought it. Fast forward a couple years I learned a lot, a lot about Minecraft server development, I learned everything to know about proxies, ips, ports, ... And of course among those years of me grinding my skills up I was still trying to find a way to host a Minecraft server for free lol. That's when I stumbled upon FreeMC a platform where I could create a free Minecraft server on with a decent amount of ram that could be increased if I joined random promoted discord servers. There was a lot of shenanigans going on there which I'm not going to get into but I managed to learn a lot from that as well. Fast-forward to when I was 11 years old, I started playing some skyblock server and I thought, how do they do this, there's no public plugins that allows ME to do this. I figured out they have coded custom plugins to make it work. That's when I became interested in making custom plugins, I watched some youtube tutorials that I didn't really learn anything from but managed to get my custom items plugin working lol. I continued doing it until it somehow got stuck in my mind, I knew what to do, I knew what was what, I basically mastered Java without learning it. Of course there was moments when I googled up stuff that I didn't know, but you might notice a change.. I wasn't copying but I was googling, that's some big improvement right there that lead me to become who I am today. In that journey I also learned everything that there is to know about dedicated server, hostings, networking, ...

Okay now more about my irl-self. I like to listen to hiphop and I'm also a huge fan of rock music. I don't exercise, I don't have a girlfriend, I'm living a pretty boring life. I live on a farm. I own a Tomos Apn4 and a Tomos Automatic A3S highly modified motorcycle that I drive a lot whenever I feel like it.

Today, 3/8/2024 I am the Sky Kingdoms owner.

Why do you ask?
I spawned in and got Owner rank.

I hope you didn't get bored while reading through this and have a good day, thanks for reading, bye.

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