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Hello there Sky Kingdoms Community!
I bet a lot of you've been waiting for this for ages! Yes, its Practice PvP!

I'm about to write a short description of it, so even those who don't know what that is, will get known with it:

- It is a strictly pvp based gamemode. You can choose between duels and FFA in which you can either duel other players alone or in larger groups.
- You can either play unranked queue where your statistics doesn't get affected (meaning it is just a game for fun, doesn't matter how many times you lose) or ranked queue where your stats get noted and will affect on who you'll find in ranked queues (better stats you have, better players you'll fight).
- There's also a special queue called Premium queue. What's special about it? Its a queue where you can expect less hackers, since only those who vote or buy them have access to premium matches.
- You can as well makes parties with friends. What do those help? You can fight in teams in FFA, you can split your party members into 2 teams and fight or you can play with your party members against pvp bots
- Another thing you can do is fight against pvp bots with difficulties from Easy to Hacker.
- The last thing you can do is host and join events. Manual events can only be hosted by God or higher ranked players while you can join the automated events which happen every 30 minutes. Events that are automated are: brackets, koth, last man standing, juggernaut while events that can manually be created by God ranked people or higher are: sumo, brackets, last man standing, koth

Other thing I'd like to say a few words about is Skyblock Sky

Skyblock Sky is a pretty much basic Skyblock game with a few tweaks:
- Harder Economy
- Hoppers are not craftable, only buyable from ingame shop
- Minions are only buyable from server store

Thats all for now, I'll keep you updated ^-^

HomiePotato DONATOR R I P kingdoms my favourite gamemode of all time in SK

Hello there Sky Kingdoms Community!
A lot of you have been asking, "When are the Factions coming back?", so here I am announcing the new season of Factions.

This season we did next changes:
- New Custom Enchants plugin (previous one was causing too much trouble)
- New Map with more KOTHs (Tower, Cursed and Underground Koth)
  There are 3 types of KOTHs:
   - Elite ones: They happen once every 8 hours every single day (2AM, 10AM, 6PM timezone GMT+1)
   - Ultimate ones: They happen once every 8 hours every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (4AM, 12AM, 8PM timezone GMT+1)
   - Legendary ones: They happen once a week, on Saturday (4AM, 12AM, 8PM timezone GMT+1)
- Fixed random teleport
- Added Envoys (every 1 hour)
- Flat End and Nether
- New shop
- Removed Golden Apples from Sky+ and Sky++ Crates

This season of Factions is releasing today - 4th of May 2018 and is closing on 31st of August.

I must not forget to mention that staff members will not be allowed to play! (because of bad experience in previous round)

F Top Rewards:
1st place: 75$ Paypal or 200$ Buycraft
2nd place: 40$ Paypal or 100$ Buycraft
3rd place: 20$ Paypal or 50$ Buycraft

This is all for now, hope we'll make this round of Factions better ^-^